What Is the CPA Certification?

A group controller at Envision Sales, Inc., Andrew Sommerhalder is an accounting and finance professional responsible for implementing financial policies, managing cost containment, and reviewing technology security. In addition to his extensive work experience, Andrew Sommerhalder is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in Canada.

The Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) certification program consists of three elements: academic prerequisites, professional education program (PEP), and qualifying practical experience. All CPA applicants must complete an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as finance or accounting. PEP is a two-year program comprised of six modules, including two core courses, two electives, one capstone integrative module, and one capstone exam preparation module. Core courses cover key topics such as financial reporting, management accounting, and taxation.

After completing PEP, applicants register for the common final examination (CFE), a three-day exam held at CPA exam centers. The final step to successfully obtain CPA certification is obtaining practical experience. This experience can be completed in training positions undertaken at CPA pre-approved programs or employers of the applicant’s choice.

Toronto-Based Controller Andrew Sommerhalder